Published on: 5 June 2015

A small group of Prep boys were recently immersed in Chinese culture, when they attended the annual Pandas’ Picnic. Part of a languages program for students learning Chinese in Western Australia, the Picnic encourages students to use the Chinese language skills learnt in the classroom to communicate with students studying Chinese at other schools around Perth.

The 2015 Pandas’ Picnic brought together students from more than ten schools. The Christ Church boys built friendships, drew on their knowledge of the Chinese culture for conversation and enjoyed traditional Chinese activities like jiànzi making, panda folding, gong fu and tai chi.

Ms Li Liu, Christ Church Chinese teacher said the excursion provided the boys with an entertaining and rich cultural environment, which would help develop their Chinese skills.

“The boys had a great time and represented the School very well. Many of the boys were complimented on their behaviour, holding gates open for others and assisting in setting up activities, they made me very proud”.

The Preparatory School offers a comprehensive Chinese (Mandarin) language program for all students from Pre-Primary to Year 6. To find out more, click here.

“The Pandas’ Picnic was a great experience, talking to new people, doing calligraphy, making paper pandas, doing quizzes and making and using our jiànzi …I would highly recommend it”.
Ashton Mah

“The Pandas’ Picnic was fun because we made pandas and jiànzi. We also had a quiz about Chinese language and culture and drew some Chinese characters”.
Korede Ayonrinde