Published on: 23 May 2019

Our Prep School boys have been enjoying a wonderful array of cultural activities this week in celebration of Access Asia Week.

The program has included a fabulous range of hands on activities for the boys and colourful sessions to discover more about Asian cultures and traditions.

Our Early Learning Community (ELC) boys enjoyed Japanese storytelling and made sushi rice balls which were eagerly devoured.

Students from Years 1, 2 and 4 enjoyed an enchanting Indonesian shadow puppet performance. Staff from the Consulate General of Indonesia used Wayang Kulit (leather shadow puppets) and Gamelan (percussion musical instruments) to conduct the performance.

Across other groups, our Year 3s enjoyed Vietnamese storytelling and made delicious Vietnamese rice paper rolls, and Year 5s learnt about the mythology and cultural history of kites as they made and flew their own kites on the Prep School oval.

“Access Asia Week offers a fabulous opportunity for the students to take part in traditional activities from all around Asia,” says Chinese Teacher, Ms Li Liu.

“These wonderful activities enable our students to learn about other cultures, understand their global connections and further their journey in becoming global citizens.”

Watch some of the week’s highlights: