Published on: 23 April 2014

The Pre-Primary to Year 2 Swimming Carnival, held during the last week of term, was the culmination of the boys’ intensive three-week swimming program.

Pre-Primary to Year 3 Physical Education Teacher Kim Malajczuk said the swimming carnival was an opportunity for the boys to show their parents, teachers and themselves, how much progress they had made in the pool after completing their swimming lessons with MLC.

Every boy swam in three different races including freestyle, backstroke and torpedo, finishing with a non-compulsory butterfly race for Year 2s. A group of Year 5 students provided assistance in and around the pool to the younger boys and staff.

“It was wonderful to see just how much the boys had improved their swimming over the past three weeks. For parents and staff, you couldn’t help but smile when you saw how much fun they were having in the water,” Mrs Malajczuk said.