Published on: 10 September 2014

Anthony Terpkos (Year 11) ran away with the annual CCGS Gift last week. The CCGS Gift is an 80m-handicapped sprint race modelled on the Stawell Gift – Australia’s oldest and richest short distance running race.

The lunchtime event, held on Tuesday, pitted the fastest boys from Years 5 to 12 against each other using handicaps derived from their House Athletics results over 100m. The winner is, hypothetically, the runner who can ‘best rise to the occasion’ and perform better than their previous form.

Assistant to Director of Sport Brendon Noble said the CCGS Gift was a fun addition to the athletics season, which allowed the fastest boys in the School to compete in a unique race ahead of Thursday’s JPSSA and Friday’s PSA Athletics Carnivals.

The results were:                

    Starting points
1st Anthony Terpkos (Year 11) 3m
2nd Riki Wylie (Year 8) 8m
3rd Tom Ball (Year 7)   14m
4th Zack Bowles (Year 10) 6m
5th Aidan Walsh (Year 12) 0m
6th Harrison Bartley (Year 6)     18m
7th David Doig (Year 10) 6m
8th Lewis Henry (Year 9) 6m
9th Rory Von Altenstadt (Year 5) 25m