Published on: 5 September 2014

Despite being chased by Giles and Dale all day, Forrest House led strongly to win the Years 3 to 6 House Athletics Carnival at Mt Claremont playing fields on Thursday. The crowd enjoyed the windy but good weather with a parachute over the top of Battye Oval adding some excitement.

Forrest claimed the day with 5,790 points, followed by Dale (5,400), Giles (5,279) and Stirling (4,375) respectively. Dale won the Spirit Shield for great sportsmanship. All boys were involved across a wide range of events, earning points towards the Champion House Shield.

Preparatory School Sportsmaster Brady Leckie said it was a wonderful day and while the boys were competitive as ever, they all showed great sportsmanship. The JPSSA Athletics Carnival is the next event on the athletics calendar to be held on Thursday 11 September.

Trophies were awarded to the following boys:

Year 3 Champion Boy: James Appleyard, Adam Dring

Year 3 Runner-up: Matthew Tan

Year 4 Champion Boy: Nicholas Tomlinson

Year 4 Runner-up: Jago Field

Year 5 Champion Boy: Nicholas Johns

Year 5 Runner-up: Sam O’Brien

Year 6 Champion Boy: Christopher Michael

Year 6 Runner-up: Harrison Bartley