Published on: 15 March 2013

The Preparatory School swim team remains undefeated after winning the 4th Annual JPSSA Swimming Carnival for the fourth consecutive year. Prep School Sportsmaster Brady Leckie said the Years 4 to 6 boys put on a dominant display at Challenge Stadium last week.

The final results were Christ Church on 619 points, followed by Aquinas (558), Wesley (556), Hale (539.5), Guildford (532.5), Scotch (511) and Trinity (503). “I was very proud of the way the boys demonstrated terrific sportsmanship on the day, along with their great efforts in the pool,” Mr Leckie said.

Mr Leckie said the Year 6 swimmers had an amazing meet and led the way for the younger boys. “Our Year 4 swimmers did very well in their first taste of inter-school competition for Christ Church, while our Year 5 squad members had some great results, which helped us to victory,” he said.

“The result really was outstanding. The carnival’s point system rewards team swimming so the end result is really a reward of the boys’ teamwork on the night.”