Published on: 26 November 2015

On Friday 20 November, our residential staff and students hosted Year 6 boys joining Knutsford House as boarders in 2016. The inaugural sleepover was a great success, with many parents and boys commenting that they felt far less anxious about beginning their boarding adventure, having spent a fabulous night with their future House brothers and friends.

On Friday morning, the boys joined their cohort for a day in the life of a Year 7 student. This followed with afternoon tea in Knutsford House, free time outdoors, a BBQ dinner, Bounce trampolining and ‘hang out’ time in the rec room before hitting the sack for a well deserved sleep.

On Saturday, the boys enjoyed breakfast in Sandover Dining Hall and free time with their buddies and friends. When asked to sum up their boarding orientation experience in a few words, the boys said,

“So much fun; a very exciting time; the best time ever; heaps of fun!”

“The buddies are awesome; new friends are awesome; we had fun making friends; it’s the best boarding school.”

The combined efforts from everyone in the Residential Community made this event so successful. Special thanks go to Mr Brad Downing, Mr Jason Lamb, our incoming Year 7 and 8 Co-ordinator Mr Brendon Noble, the Housemothers and the volunteer parents including Lisa Brazier, Anita Dickins, Alice Counsel and Kirsty Forshaw.