Published on: 27 March 2020


The first of our boarder/day boy swaps recently took place with Years 7 and 8 boys enjoying a wonderful exchange.

Through this experience, 12 day boys stayed a night in Knutsford House and seven others hosted current boarders at their homes. Boys who stayed over in Knutsford House enjoyed a meal together and time at Bounce as a recreational activity. The boys finished with a delicious breakfast in the morning before returning home.

The boarder/day boy exchange is designed to strengthen the bond and relationships between current boarders and day boys.

Residential Year Group Co-ordinator for Years 7 and 8, Mr Todd Harnwell said, “The feedback I received was that it was a fantastic opportunity to see how the boarding community operates, the challenges and benefits of residential life and the diverse experiences that all our boarders embrace.”

“The boarders who stayed at the homes of day boys commented on how much they enjoyed having a home cooked meal and a sleep in!”

“The benefits of this wonderful exchange are reciprocal.”

“Firstly, it provides day boys with a taste of what boarding life is like and secondly, it allows a boarder the opportunity to break his routine and spend an evening out of the boarding house with the family of his day boy buddy.”

“I was delighted with how well the day boys and boarders interacted. Rather than individual pairs of boys, the entire group were socialising and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.”