Published on: 4 June 2020

Our Indigenous students have been busy constructing a mural to celebrate National Reconciliation Week which commenced last week.

The mural – which depicts the Swan River (Derbarl Yerrigan), local wildlife and the six Noongar seasons – was created to celebrate Noongar culture and recognise the Whadjuk land upon which the School is located.

Christ Church Indigenous Program Co-ordinator Michael Ralph said, “The mural depicts the six Noongar seasons surrounding the Swan River; Birak (December to January), Bunuru (February to March), Djeran (April to May), Makuru (June to July), Djilba (August to September) and Kambarang (October to November).”

“Animals significant to each season including the kangaroo, snake, fish, butterfly and possum are also featured.”

“In the absence of a scheduled art exhibition this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Indigenous students have embraced the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture during National Reconciliation Week.”

The mural painting forms just one aspect of the School’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) activities which also include attendance to Garnduwa’s annual Indigenous Youth Leadership Camps, incursions to the School by Indigenous Elders and a staff versus students basketball game for reconciliation.

“Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, we are always working towards reconciliation and this mural is a simple way to share the knowledge and skilled artwork of our Indigenous boys with the broader community,” said Mr Ralph.

The mural is being showcased on campus and will remain on display into the future.