Published on: 3 March 2016

Eighty boys from the CCGS Army Cadet Unit recently completed the Recruit Induction Course at the Northam Army Camp. The training included basic field craft using communication equipment, drill, night movement and physical training.

Co-located at Northam were elements of 13 Brigade. Soldiers from A Squadron 10th Light Horse took time out to show the cadets weapon systems and old boy LT Marius Basanovic spoke to the assembled cadets about his cadet experience and how it helped him at school and after leaving Christ Church.

Captain Duane Nurse, Co-ordinator of Army Cadets said it was a steep learning curve for the first year cadets.

“The Year 10 boys are already performing well and looking the part. Much of this can be attributed to their junior leaders, who are on their own learning trajectory, settling into their roles as Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCOs). They are doing a great job sharing skills with our new platoon members.”

CDT Hamish Nikulinsky said of his first camp; “The camp was jam packed with activities spread across the course of a few days. It kept me busy from dawn until dusk, doing jobs and learning new skills I had never had the chance of learning. Overall the camp was a fun, enjoyable experience.”