Published on: 22 October 2015

The Army Cadet Unit has completed the 2015 training year in style, with great success at the Annual Field Exercise, the Headmaster’s Parade and Dining–In Night.

The Annual Field Exercise included a variety of programs, from driving training to catering, infantry activities and instructed courses. All cadets live fired on the range with the F88 Austeyr rifle and participated in abseiling and roping courses.

In the competitions, the unit tied for first in drill, came second in regaining and fourth in First Aid. In the overall unit standings for 2015, the cadet unit came second. Co-ordinator of the Army Cadets, Duane Nurse said it was an outstanding camp with exceedingly positive feedback from the boys.

On Friday 16 October, the Headmaster’s Parade was held at the School. There was a great turnout of spectators and the boys presented very well. A list of awards is attached.

Following the parade, the Headmaster’s Farewell Dining-In Night took place in Sandover. There was a fantastic turnout, with staff, cadets, parents, Army Cadet Staff, ADF and ex ADF members enjoying the evening.

While acknowledging the dedication of the outgoing Year 12 boys to the Cadet Unit, the dinner provided the opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of outstanding students and staff.

CUO Monte Nathan was presented the ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork award for his service to the cadet unit and LT (AAC) Digby Gibson was presented a 6 years service certificate from Cadets WA. LT (AAC) Alex Barbour was presented with the WA Government 15 years service to Cadets medal.

The principal speaker for the evening, Commander of the WA Cadet Brigade LTCOL (AAC) Bob Barber delivered the farewell oration to Headmaster Garth Wynne, highlighting his championing of Cadets in the past 15 years.

“Well done to everyone involved with the CCGSCU this year. It was an outstanding year, which we will look back upon fondly,” said Duane Nurse.