Published on: 4 April 2014

A large inflatable obstacle course, set up on the Senior School Oval, proved both fun and arduous for members of the Cadet Unit last Friday afternoon.

Co-ordinator of Army Cadets Duane Nurse said it was the first time a school had been loaned the impressive-looking obstacle course, which captured the attention of all passers-by. Captain Nurse said the aim of the personal training session was to mould platoons and sections into cohesive teams, and for team leaders to recognise their cadets’ traits when the chips were down.

“To get the heart rate up, platoon groups had to negotiate a wire obstacle by leopard crawling beneath it, before completing the obstacle course,” Captain Nurse said. “From there, a 75kg rescue dummy had to be stretchered around the oval twice, requiring co-ordination and endurance.

“Lastly, the ‘casualty’ had to be manhandled through the obstacle course. By the end of the activity, the participants were exhausted but were then required to go through the obstacle course again in a section level time trial.”

CUO Brandon Afiat’s 3 Platoon clocked the fasted time for completing the full course. “The cadets have begun to form strong bonds within their platoons and learnt a lot about each others’ strengths and weaknesses,” Brandon said. “This activity showed that they are working well as a team going into the Term 1 Bivouac to Muchea.”

Captain Nurse said the fun activity encouraged cadets apply their best effort and support one another through each task.