Published on: 17 October 2014

More than 60 members of the School’s Army Cadet Unit (CCGSACU) took part in the Annual Field Exercise held during the first week of the holidays at military training areas in Northam and Bindoon. Christ Church won two competitions while CCGSACU Officer Commanding Captain (AAC) Conrad Scott received a bronze commendation for his services in support of WA Australian Army Cadets Brigade courses.

First-year cadets went to Northam for adventure training with Tier 2 Bravo and second-year cadets then deployed to Bindoon for a challenging tier 3-exercise. Third-year cadets fulfilled a variety of roles from command positions and command post staff to instructing on courses.

Co-ordinator of Army Cadets Duane Nurse said the first-year cadets acquitted themselves well participating in canoeing and mountain biking. Then on arrival at Bindoon, they conducted navigation training and participated in an exercise, which required some decoding of electronic timers to prevent ignition of ‘devices’. “It was a challenging activity, which was well received by all,” he said.

Capt Nurse said Tier 3 was a challenging exercise for the second-year cadets based on a company conducting reconnaissance tasks against a fictional threat. “The boys’ training in previous exercises this year had prepared them well,” he said. “Distances covered patrolling with packs were not an issue and those with leadership roles performed above expectations.”

The final activity involved close target reconnaissance of a ‘lively village’ by night using night vision equipment and a dawn occupation of the village the following morning with building searches. “Vehicle checkpoints were set up, setting conditions for the eventual arrest of ‘Jimmy Tentpeg’, Bindoon’s troublesome ne’er-do-well. CUO Ben Nagappa represented the unit well as the Company Commander and his competent orders delivery allowed for mission success,” he said.

All tiers participated in abseiling and rifle shooting. “Congratulations to CDTCPL Cameron Criddle, who achieved the top shooting score on Tier 3 and as a reward, he was invited to Special Air Service Regiment to conduct training on its range. A rare privilege indeed,” Capt Nurse said.

Of significant note, Capt Scott was awarded a bronze commendation for his outstanding contribution to the brigade. The citation acknowledged his first-class contribution, skillful leadership and noted his work in the areas of navigation, orders delivery and his preparation and use of mud maps. It also recognised his contribution to Exercise Southern Cross and the ACC’s Association’s annual Lottery West grants.