Published on: 26 July 2016

Sam Elias (Year 12) has been appointed the Regional Cadet Under Officer (RCUO) and is now the most senior cadet in Western Australia. Sam’s appointment is a 12-month appointment and a significant achievement.

“I am very proud and grateful for the opportunity to represent West Australian Cadets as a whole, and the Christ Church Grammar School Cadet Unit more specifically,” said RCUO Sam Elias.

“As Regional Cadet Under Officer I am attached to what is called the ‘Western Australian Army Cadets Brigade Headquarters’. As RCUO I am the liaison to the assistant commander of WA cadets. My responsibilities include attending a command conference once a month, visiting other units on their parade nights or camps to understand if there are any issues, commanding any state level parades as well as completing many other tasks set by the assistant commander.”

Christ Church Cadets were among 71 WA candidates who recently finished their Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) course at Leeuwin Barracks. Three Year 12 Cadets supported the course as instructors.

Congratulations to Lumina Gajanayake (Year 11) who was Dux of the course, and Thomas Hage (Year 11) who achieved the second highest score.