Published on: 11 September 2015

The CCGS Army Cadet unit has recently undertaken another challenging field exercise at the Bindoon Defence Training Area. Located approximately 100 kilometres northeast of Perth, the site is the main firing and field training area in the southwest of Western Australia, utilised by defence services including the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

The main focus of the exercise was to apply navigation skills in the field. The cadets undertook a 12-kilometre navigation exercise, including checkpoints that assess sections on First Aid and observation skills. The boys achieved all objectives within the prescribed time limits.

At the conclusion of the field component, the unit embarked on another team challenge – WASP paintball in Wanneroo. With Platoon pitted against Platoon, Co-ordinator of the Army Cadets Duane Nurse said the boys had a great time, well deserved after another successful field exercise.

The unit is now primed and ready to tackle the annual field exercise in the next holiday period, where they are confident they will reclaim their place as best unit in the state.