Published on: 5 November 2020

The Fires of Muspell opened to a sold-out crowd on Wednesday night. Presented by The Midnite Youth Theatre Company and performed by Years 7 & 8 students from Christ Church and neighbouring schools, The Fires of Muspell promises to amaze audiences with it’s colourful characters and awe-inspiring adventure until it finishes its run on Saturday 7 November.

Set in the ancient world of Norse mythology, the play centres around Loki, the mischief-making outsider, who plots to secure his position in Asgard by marrying the goddess Freya. Odin, father of the gods, strives to resist this uprising but is preoccupied with the preservation of his human protégé Baldur.

The production was directed by Christ Church teacher Kalika Duck and the play script was written by esteemed Australian playwright Tony Nicholls, whose work returns to Christ Church 30 years after his first production with the company.

The Midnite Youth Theatre Company will be performing The Fires of Muspell until Saturday 7 November, if you would like to attend you can purchase tickets via this link.