Published on: 10 May 2013

Two old boys, one who graduated 10 years ago and the other 20, were the guest speakers at the annual Year 12 Headmaster’s Dinner this week. David Adam (2003) and Tim Stevenson (1993) talked about making the most of opportunities, looking after mates and the uncertainties in life.

More than 220 people including members of the School Council and pastoral staff attended the dinner in Sandover Hall while parents attended the Year 12 Parents’ Association Sundowner in the Refectory.

The old boys offered the Year 12 students a snapshot of where they might be a decade or two from now. A bright student, Adam went straight from Christ Church to university and became a doctor. Tim, who was School Captain, Captain of Boarding, as well as rowing and football captain, went to university but a year later, found himself back on the family farm. After a stint pearl farming up north, he now owns his own farm in Kojunup where he lives with his wife and children.

Acting Captain of School Harry Beaton said the old boys’ different experiences, stories and perspectives resonated with the boys. “David told us about his experience while volunteering as a doctor in Mozambique and about taking opportunities along the way. He talked about drawing inspiration from exceptional people and trying to better yourself through them,” he said.

Harry described Tim as a larrikin, who topped everything while at school but found things different when he got to university. “Tim talked about looking after your mates and about being compassionate. He said his life changed when he had children and learned to put others before himself,” Harry said.

In Headmaster Garth Wynne’s address to the boys, he alluded to the school blazer hanging on a mannequin beside him. He explained it had belonged to old boy Luke Holland (1977), who died tragically in a car accident on 23 October 1977 during his final year at school. Luke was a School Prefect, Captain of Queenslea House and a member of the Chapel Committee. He won the Cramer Cup for the Best All Round Cricketer and the Year 12 German Prize. Luke was awarded Honours in Cricket and Football and an Honour Blazer.

Mr Wynne said the blazer, donated by Luke’s family, was a reminder of how fragile life could be and of making the most of opportunities.