Published on: 6 July 2020

Commencing from 2021, Year 8 students from Christ Church Grammar School and St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls will come together for a unique, combined outdoor experience known as ‘Cape to Cave’ in Western Australia’s iconic south-west.

A first of its kind in Western Australia, the Cape to Cave experience will introduce students to a range of physical, social and cultural activities designed to build their confidence and appreciation for the environment.

Using Leeuwin-Naturalist National Park as a base, the students will spend five days walking part of the Cape to Cape, pitching tents, cooking their own meals and learning about the local indigenous culture.

A highlight of the trip will be caving and abseiling in Giants Cave and WI-16, where they will learn about WA’s geological history.

“This program fits into our sequential outdoor education program and will see boys develop skills such as cooking, walking and camping, erecting Hoochies and developing relationships with girls,” says Principal, Alan Jones.

“The students will get to connect with local members in the area and by doing so, develop a sense of custodianship for the planet.”

The Cape to Cave experience replaces the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure which was introduced in 2011 for Year 8 boys at Christ Church.

“A review of the program highlighted that the Leeuwin experience developed leadership and team membership skills, however other skills which are significant in our Outdoor Education program are not practicable onboard,” said Mr Jones.

“All in all, this experience will serve as great preparation for our Year 9 On Queenslea Drive (OQD) program.”

Watch a short preview of the Cape to Cave experience in this video.