Published on: 7 August 2015

The first weekend in August saw boys from the CCGS Army Cadet Unit completing their St John Ambulance First Aid Certificate and taking part in Module 2 F88 Austeyr training.

LT (AAC) Digby Gibson delivered valuable First Aid training to 16 cadets in preparation for dealing with emergency situations in the field.

Forty-nine first year cadets received training on the F88 Austeyr rifle at Leeuwin Barracks. The activity was conducted in order to prepare the cadets for live firing at the Brigade annual field exercise in the next school holidays.

The cadets were trained in safety, handling, ammunition natures, identifying parts, the cycle of operation, stripping, cleaning and assembly. They also learned about immediate action drills, which allow firers to identify and rectify stoppages.

Duane Nurse, Co-ordinator of the Army Cadet Unit said the boys thoroughly enjoyed their training and their knowledge and behavior was a credit to the School.

“The instructors were impressed with the boys assimilation of theory and application of gross and fine motor skills,” he said.

Later in the year, the Army Cadet Unit will work on their leadership and navigation skills at their field exercise in Bindoon.