Published on: 19 September 2014

Concerto Night, the final performance for Year 12 Music students, was held at Methodist Ladies’ College’s Hadley Hall on Friday evening. Seven Christ Church boys and six MLC girls performed a wide variety of pieces with either a chamber or symphony orchestra – most of which are the works they are preparing for their final assessments.

Director of Music Kevin Gillam said the pieces ranged from Wei Juen Lo playing Kabalevsky’s ‘Cello Concerto, saxophone player Harry Radloff performing the classic jazz song Sugar, to guitarist Lachlan Webster playing Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb with a full orchestra backing.

Mr Gillam said Concerto Night was the culmination of the soloists’ hard work and the opportunity to perform with an orchestra was an occasion for them to share their talents
and passion. It was also a moment 
to recognise and acknowledge their contribution to the cultural life of their respective schools.

“All of our Music students performed extremely well and the diversity of styles, with pieces from Mozart through the jazz realms and into Pink Floyd, was appreciated by all,” Mr Gillam said. “Standout performers would have to include Wei Juen on ‘cello, Lachlan on electric guitar and Christopher Tay singing songs by Australian band The Whitlams.”

Mr Gillam thanked the boys’ instrumental teachers and Christ Church music staff for their significant contributions.

Photographs courtesy of David Kuek