Published on: 25 February 2016

The Year 11 and 12 Music classes had the privilege of attending the WASO ATAR Designated Works Concert at Churchlands Senior High School last week. The sold out event for 750 students and staff presented two pieces from the Year 11 and 12 2016 WACE Music curriculum, Haydn Symphony No 104 and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 5.

The concert, hosted by conductor Peter Moore, was a wonderful introduction to both pieces with some virtuosic playing from the WA Symphony Orchestra members. Following the concert the students had the opportunity to speak with WASO double bass player Christine Reitzenstein.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to see and hear these set works performed live, where a much greater understanding of the complexities and beauty of each piece are had, “ said Kevin Gillam, Director of Music.

“To witness and hear Esther Kim’s wonderful solo harpsichord playing was also a real highlight.”

Caption: Photograph courtesy of Nik Babic Photography.