Published on: 8 August 2019

This week saw the official opening of our Indigenous Art Exhibition – Our Voice.

Keeping with this year’s NAIDOC theme, Voice, Treaty, Truth – Let’s work together for a shared future, the students designed and hand painted didgeridoos.

“The theme inspired us to design a didgeridoo that represents our strong beliefs, teachings, places and stories that shape our identity,” said Year 12 Indigenous student, Jaaron Davis.

“Each boy’s didgeridoo is unique in the way that it encapsulates their connection with Aboriginal culture. On my didgeridoo, the patterns represent the spiritual connection with the land and my people through the use of line painting, a technique that exists with my tribe, the Kalkadoon people. It creates a personal voice within the artwork that raises the need for a treaty through the colours.”

This exhibition offers a wonderful way for our Indigenous students to showcase their work to the community and is open for viewing in the Old Boys’ Gallery until the end of August.