Published on: 8 August 2019


Our Year 6 students had the opportunity to listen to a number of Dreamtime stories to learn important lessons in leadership as part of NAIDOC Week celebrations.

Olman and Reeketa Walley spoke about the leadership model in the Noongar culture which is based on respect. All people are born with respect and as they grow, they develop respect for themselves, for others, for the land and for animals.

The Indigenous elders are the holders of the knowledge, the adults are the leaders of the knowledge and the children are the students. The Year 6 boys could see the vast difference in learning in the Indigenous communities where the classrooms are the bush, the river and the ocean and the teachings are the practical skills such as hunting, building fire and shelter, which are required for survival.

“This was such a valuable session for our Year 6 students. The boys understood the link between identity, belonging and responsibility in the Indigenous culture and could draw parallels to the virtues which are part of their Year 6 Knights Quest,” said Year 6 Teacher, Joanna Morrison Mayo.