Published on: 8 August 2019

A mandala created on the Chapel Forecourt this week symbolised this year’s NAIDOC theme of Voice, Treaty and Truth.

Future Footprints Program Coordinator, Roni Forrest and her husband Simon, used a technique similar to water divining to locate points where water lies beneath the surface of the Chapel Forecourt. With these points as a guide, Roni used different coloured and textured sands to create a pattern across the forecourt lawn.

Sand art is considered a ritual in the traditional Indigenous culture. It is used to signify landmarks and tells the history as well as the origin of the people.

The artwork tells the story of the river Derbal Yerrigan, running through a number of meeting places such as the local community, the School and a waterhole. The rays and dots represent the spreading of goodwill messages through all communities.