Published on: 30 April 2020

Twenty-nine of Christ Church Grammar School’s most elderly alumni received a month’s worth of frozen meals as part of the Old Boys’ Association (OBA) food delivery program.

The initiative was a collaboration between Christ Church’s Old Boys’ Association, the School and the Subiaco Hotel and was created to maintain connection with some of the more vulnerable members of the School’s alumni community in Perth during the COVID-19 crisis.

Christ Church Alumni Co-ordinator Deborah Hill said, “The Old Boys’ Association wanted to take immediate action to assist our most vulnerable senior members and reduce their exposure to COVID-19 during this period of social distancing. Old boys who have received the meal delivery have expressed immense gratitude and appreciation.”

Eligible members were delivered five frozen meals per week during the month of April, with the Subiaco Hotel subsidising the meal preparation.

Lawson Douglas and Dave Allan, owners of the Subiaco Hotel and members of Christ Church’s graduating class of 2000, were excited about the opportunity to be involved. Mr Douglas commented, “We believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the program. The OBA has always been supportive of us and we welcomed the opportunity to give back to the Christ Church community.”

In the face of many of their scheduled events being cancelled due to social distancing regulations, the OBA remains determined to find ways to support the wider Christ Church alumni community.

“Many of our old boys, especially the more senior members, look forward to events throughout the year as an opportunity to socialise. In light of the cancellations we wanted to ensure they still feel connected to the Christ Church community. Being part of our alumni means more than just an education, it’s a lifetime association,” said Deborah.