Allergen-free meals

Allergen free meals are ordered online in our dedicated allergen free ordering section on MSA. Our dedicated team member prints the orders every morning at 9.00am and gives the allergen free meal orders to the chef supervisor. The chef supervisor prepares his allergen free section in the kitchen. This involves disinfecting all counter/bench space and using utensils which have been through our commercial dishwasher.

The allergen free meal is produced by the chef supervisor. If for example, an order for the BBQ meat lovers pizza is ordered and the allergen of the student is gluten free, the chef produces a gluten free pizza base with all toppings that are gluten free. If for example, an order for the chicken enchiladas is ordered and the allergen of the student is dairy free, the chef produces a dairy free chicken enchilada. Ingredients are substituted depending on the allergen.

The chef supervisor prepares the allergen declaration card. This card is then verified by a team member who is trained in our advanced allergen management process. The order is individually packaged by the chef supervisor and labelled. The order is collected at lunch time from the canteen.

This process starts again to prep the next allergen free meal order. All previous food ingredients are removed from the area, it is again disinfected and new utensils used.

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For dietary information about the menus please refer to the Smart Food Operating Principles information sheet here. This program has been compiled by the School’s caterers, Chartwells.