My Student Account

Christ Church uses a cashless system, My Student Account (MSA) which reduces the need for your son to carry money to school. The system enables you to keep track of your son’s spending at any time and allows you to deposit funds directly into his account either online or over the telephone.

Senior School boys are provided with special composite cards, which are a combination of a Transperth SmartRider card and the Christ Church identity card. The card displays your son’s name, photograph, date of birth and House. It can be used to borrow school library books, for public transport costs and any purchases he needs to make at school. Boys new to the Senior School will receive permanent cards once their individual photographs have been taken.

Preparatory School boys are not provided with a card. For canteen purchases, a student cashless account needs to be established and orders can be made on MSA.

Click here to access the login page for My Student Account.

MSA setup guide (Preparatory School)
MSA setup guide (Senior School)