Published on: 27 February 2020

For over two decades, the Centre for Ethics at Christ Church has been engaged in conversation with the world beyond the School. The Centre has welcomed speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds including philosophers, theologians, members of parliament, novelists, poets and educators.

This term the Centre looks forward to welcoming Australian foreign affairs journalist and commentator Greg Sheridan AO, who will be providing a community presentation on the subject: Is God Good for You?

Greg has been the foreign editor of The Australian newspaper since 1992 and is a renowned commentator on radio and television. He is the author of several books including; Cities of the Hot Zone, Asian Values, Living with Dragons, Tigers: Leaders of the New Asia-Pacific, Western Dreams, When We Were Young, Foolish, and his latest title, God is Good for You.

In the latest edition of the Centre for Ethics newsletter, Director of the Centre for Ethics Mr Simon Hunn writes, “For the general reader, Greg Sheridan’s writing is invaluable. Unfazed by those who would consign religion to the dustbin of history, he asserts that believing in God is rational, that atheism is an odd religious faith and that these new atheists are false prophets.”

He does not shy away from Christianity’s problems which include the presence of evil and belief in God’s goodness and the mystery of suffering.”

Greg’s presentation to the Christ Church community will take place on Wednesday 1 April commencing at 7.30pm. The talk will be hosted by the Centre for Ethics in the Senior School Staff Room.

Click here to register if you would like to attend.