Published on: 27 March 2020

Parents of Christ Church joined last week’s online webinar with leading Australian resilience and wellbeing expert, Dr Justin Coulson.

Dr Coulson explored various myths surrounding resilience and covered topics including:

  • what’s proven to be true
  • how to build personal resilience
  • knowing one’s strengths and how to use them
  • enjoying stronger relationships between students, teachers and parents
  • how to be more engaged and influential with your child’s ongoing development.

Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing, Liam Casson said, “It was a credit to our community who were so flexible and supportive of the webinar.”

“All boys are capable of building resilience which is vitally important for mental health and wellbeing.”

“You cannot shield your son from life’s disappointments, but you can certainly equip him with the right mindset and tools to respond to life’s challenges. Out of these experiences, they continue to grow and develop.”

“The feedback from those on the webinar was extremely positive and we would like to thank all parents who participated.”

Christ Church parents are encouraged to sign up for other free webinars delivered by Dr Coulson throughout the year – register here.

Missed out on the webinar? Click here to watch a recording.