Published on: 18 April 2017

Harmony Day falls on 21 March each year. It celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity and is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Christ Church boys come from a wonderful array of different backgrounds and cultures, and this year the Pre-Primary Harmony Day celebrations tapped into this great resource – our families.

An invitation was extended to families to come into the Pre-Primary classrooms and share with the boys information about the countries and the traditions of these countries. Many parents and extended family members gave freely of their time to help the boys understand the diversity within the classrooms and the entire school. These initiatives are aimed at helping the boys develop a sense of belonging and respect for other cultures and beliefs, as well as extending their geographical knowledge.

The boys had a chance to make and eat dumplings, play Mahjong and learn about Chinese New Year from our families with Chinese heritage. They learnt that in Iran people celebrate the new year around the 21 March and that a special table is set with seven objects that start with ’s’, each with their own special significance. They heard about Japanese culture and enjoyed the chance to learn origami. Our Argentinian family showed them the landscapes, football, food, and they even enjoyed a demonstration of their national dance, the Tango!

“Learning about countries and their cultures was a wonderful way to celebrate Harmony Day and the diversity of our community here at Christ Church is phenomenal. We extend a huge thanks to the family members who shared their time, knowledge and expertise”, said Ms Rachael Durston, PP to Year 2 Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator.