Published on: 14 March 2019

Our boarding community’s first ever House competition, The Gryphon, has just been announced.

The annual competition, held on the night before each mid and end of term break, includes team activities such as football, table tennis, pool, 3-on-3 basketball, dodgeball, fishing and e-sports.

The recent launch saw a head-to-head battle between Doust (the combination of Hill and Moyes boarders) and Miekle (the combination of Jupp and Wolsey boarders) who were crowned equal winners in round one of the competition.

“This is about building community, vertical friendships and healthy competition with your mates,” said Years 11 and 12 Residential Year Group Coordinator, Brendon Noble.

“All boarders participate and compete through a series of rounds in their respective Houses.”

“Doust, Meikel, Stove and Stretch are the four competing Houses, named in honour of the first four boarding house captains who served when Walters House was founded.”

“Each House, of approximately 23 boarders, was formed by merging two current day Houses. Their colours are also combined to form the new House colours.”

“Our winners at the end of the year will be awarded The Gryphon, but the ultimate prize is the opportunity for boys to enjoy and build friendships with others they would normally not associate with.”

The aim of The Gryphon is to create a culture of civic mindedness, acceptance and tolerance at Christ Church through the medium of healthy competition.