Published on: 19 October 2017

Our Pre-Primary boys made a special visit to Coles Claremont last week to be presented a new recycling bin and buddy bench for their playground by the store’s management. This was in recognition for their ongoing efforts with REDcycle, a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

The boys have been doing their part for the environment as reported earlier this year by leading weekly clean ups by the river and by collecting crinkly plastics from other Prep School classrooms each Friday afternoon. This also includes collecting food waste for their worm farms and compost bins.

“I am so proud of these boys. They have really embraced this initiative and have a genuine concern for the environment. They always remember to collect the rest of the School’s recyclables every Friday and are always on the lookout for rubbish to dispose of properly – no matter where we may be,” says Pre-Primary Teacher, Ms Letitia Simon.

On receipt of the buddy bench made from recycled plastic, various comments from the boys included:

– “It’s a good thing getting the bench because it is very soft for everyone to sit and we just like it.” Isaiah Nanyzi

–  “You can also play on the buddy bench and we can move it to somewhere else where we like it but we like it there where it is.” Hudson Brown

The visit also provided the boys an opportunity to learn more about plastics and the recycling process.