Published on: 4 May 2017

Our Year 3 and 4 boys got to a hopping start this week, participating in traditional and modern Noongar songs in the Chapel. The workshop, hosted by the Madjitil Moorna Choir, forms an introduction to Aboriginal culture as part of their Humanities and Music in Society classes.

“It is important for the boys to learn about and experience Whadjuk Noongar culture, and they are grateful the Madjitil Moorna Choir visited us here this week. Through singing of songs in the traditional language, the boys were able to experience and celebrate the Noongar culture, while promoting a sense of inclusivity and connectedness”, says Ms Jasmine Jeffs, Acting Co-ordinator of Preparatory Music.

The Madjitil Moorna Choir is group of individuals (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) who come together for the enjoyment of singing, entertaining and an exchange of language and culture in an inclusive and friendly environment. The workshops, facilitated by young local Aboriginal musicians Candice Lorrae, Kristel Kickett, Tori Oakley and Kobi Morrison, have been taught to hundreds of kids in schools all throughout Perth.

Coming out of the workshop, 4SS student Jacob Mofett said “It was interesting and fun because we learnt that there are lots of different Aboriginal groups around Australia and they all speak a different language. The songs were easy to learn and kids who don’t know much words in Noongar could learn them easily.”

Fellow classmate Sam Hurworth also commented “I found it enjoyable to learn and the actions were simple yet fit to the words very well.”

A video clip of the boys singing during the workshop can be enjoyed below.