Published on: 26 October 2017

Two teams from Christ Church Grammar School took part in the recent 28th National Future Problem Solving Nationals held at Knox Grammar School in New South Wales. Placing third and fourth in the competition, one of our teams has now progressed to the Internationals.

The competition covers a range of different areas with participants having to read a future scene based on the topic ‘Identity Theft’ and working together to identify issues, a key underlying problem and solutions. Teams then analyse their work using criteria based questions before preparing an action plan detailing how their best solution will positively impact the future scene.

Future Problem Solving is an academic enrichment program offered to students in Years 5 and 6 in the LW Parry Preparatory School based on high achievement in literacy. The program originated in the United States and is focused on the development of critical, creative and futuristic thinking.

“Christ Church has been running the program for the past nine years and this is the first time one of our teams has been invited to the Internationals,” says Mr Brad Hilliard, Director of Studies/Deputy Head in the LW Parry Preparatory School.

“Another part of the competition is known as the Alternate Competition, where we are able to take two reserves per team. We had four boys representing the School in this competition where students teamed up with other reserves from schools around Australia to make a team of four, and the boys did very well in this league.”

Our team that achieved third place and has been invited to the Internationals includes Charlie Mill, Avicknash Dayanandan, Eddie Vijayasekaran and Sam Harding. Edward Hadi and Bailey Alcock have also been invited as reserves to represent the School next year.

Achieving fourth place was our team comprised of Sivan Sharma, Harry Kailis, Matthew Tan and Kai Mahalingham.

“The last competition of the weekend was where the reserves team up with the competitive teams and work together in a team of six to produce and perform a skit. Both of our teams made it through to the top six teams in the finals. Ms Sarah Stone and I are very proud of the manner in which our boys represented the School this year, they were absolutely outstanding.”

Our progressing team now look forward to preparing for the Internationals which take place in June 2018 in Wisconsin, USA.