Published on: 18 May 2017


It was the third year top performing Year 12 Economics and Political and Legal Studies students from Christ Church attended the PwC Federal Budget Breakfast following release of the recent federal budget.

The breakfast, which took place on 11 May at the Crown Ballroom, featured a line-up of expert panellists including John Howard and former New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key. Throughout the morning the boys listened to experts analyse this year’s federal budget. Two of the boys were also asked to provide feedback on behalf of the cohort on what they had learnt.

“The excursion was a great way to gain an insight into the thoughts and opinions of leading economists and prominent political figures in regards to the new budget only a day after it was first introduced”, says Year 12 Economics and Political and Legal Studies student, Adam Khong.

The visit was offered as an extension exercise and assisted the boys’ understanding of federalism. During Term 3 this year our Economics students will explore economic policies such as fiscal policy.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the boys to combine classroom theory with contemporary economic events. The level of analysis was very thorough and the boys really enjoyed looking at a topical and current economic event”, said Humanities Teacher, Mr Andrew Greig.