Published on: 12 August 2021

Inspired by the Olympics and with the day free due to a PSA bye our Years 7 to 9 boarders competed in a mini-Olympics of their own on Saturday.

Organised by Years 7 to 9 Residential Co-ordinator Todd Harnwell, the Walters Junior Olympics consisted of 11 events, designed to be accessible and inclusive for all talents and abilities:

  • Table tennis, pool, 100m, long jump, triple jump, frisbee throw, dodgeball, 3 vs 3 basketball, Rubik’s cube solve, E-sport: FIFA 21 and chess.

The boarders were randomly assigned to four separate nations – Australia, China, Japan and the USA. Some of the highlights included a Gold medal for Year 7 Malakai Websdale, representing the USA team, who solved the Rubik’s cube in 38 seconds and Year 7 Rowan Karthi, who dominated table tennis and won gold for the China team.

The winning nation was Japan, consisting of Year 7 Robert Gordon, Year 8 Hamish Sewell and Year 9 Max Duff.

All participants were treated to home-cooked cheeseburgers in the Harnwell residence on Saturday night!