Published on: 29 February 2024

Last week, a group of old boys returned to campus to verse our Firsts basketball team in an after-school match. It was a stiff competition, and at full time, the score was a draw at 60-60. In a thrilling showdown, the five minutes of overtime saw the old boys narrowly defeat the Firsts team, with a final score of 71-70.
The close competition kept spectators engaged until the final buzzer, with many students pausing their workout to enjoy the play. Not only was the match an opportunity to enjoy some healthy competition, but also a chance for our Senior students to reconnect and socialise with recent graduates, as they too will soon be welcomed into our supportive alumni network.
“It was a great afternoon for all! You could not have scripted the game better. We had twelve old boys turn up when we only needed ten, so it was fantastic that they were so keen to get involved. A few cool drinks and some food after the game was a nice way for the new and old to mingle”, commented Jason Lamb, Teacher in Charge of Basketball. You can watch a short video of the action here.