Published on: 8 March 2018

It was an adventurous and actioned-filled week for 25 of our boys from 5CT last week as they spent three days at Kooringal, the School’s outdoor education centre, for the very first time.

The experience was all part of the Earth Keepers program which is a powerful three-day program for students aged between 10 and 12. Through an adventure of discovery that begins at school with a mysterious package, participants follow an ancient looking map and discover the ‘secrets’ to becoming an Earth Keeper.

5CT Teacher Carly Thornton said, “The boys had a fantastic time bonding with the natural environment and with their peers. Along with various challenges, they also enjoyed a quiz night, delicious meals and practised their dish washing skills!”

“The boys took part in activities that taught them key concepts of life on earth such as interrelationships, cycles of air, water and soil, change over time and energy flow. They are all excited to complete their Earth Keeper’s apprenticeship by earning their ‘Yourself’ and ‘Sharing’ keys later in the year.”

“The highlight for me was when we had magic spots. My magic spot was on the edge of a hill, looking over the mountain range. It was all calm except for the occasional rustle of the wind. The thought of nature surrounded me. Birds chirped songs but everything else was silent. Fresh air filled my lungs and I was happy to be there,” says Year 5 program participant, Zach Pentony.

Boys from our other Year 5 classes look forward to their Earth Keepers experience in the coming two weeks down at Kooringal.