Published on: 28 February 2019

Our 2019 Captains of Activities were recently announced:

Captains: Matt Cunningham and Josh O’Brien
Vice-Captain: Zac Jacobsen
Committeemen: Edward Rodda, Luke Martino, Kyle Wallis, Will Fischer, Jes Bromley, Callum Byk, William Van Dongen and Rufus Zampatti



Captain: Patrick Mahony
Vice-Captain: David Lind
Committeemen: Joseph Bonadeo, Joshua Coales, Matthew Darley, Edward Elias, Asel Jayatilake, Julian Kam, Richard Paganin and Max Shannon

Captain: Josh Coales
Vice-Captain: Isaac Hamilton
Committeemen: Lucien Sproat, Angus Price, Greg Boeddinghaus and Varad Mukhedka

Captain: Eric Pan
Vice-Captains: Julian Kam and Ethan Koh
Committeemen: Aidan Orangi, Alexis Chin, Adam Robbins, Rahal Wijesuriya, Joshua Fry and DecIan Barrett 

Captain: Marcus Handley
Vice-Captain: Nicholas Patrikeos
Committeemen: Ben Davison-Petch, Coen Heyning, Djimon Jayasundera and Ashley Porter 

Captain: Andrew Triglavcanin
Vice-Captain: Tom Salter
Committeemen: Ruben Davies, Arman Brian, Zachary Cheng, Matthew Sisson, Eric Pan, Alexis Chin, Samuel Whitby, Nicholas Tan, William Hart and Matthew Darley

Mr Mark Morrissy, Director of Planning and Co-Curricular said “Each of these boys are to be commended for taking on greater responsibility and we wish them well as they demonstrate their leadership in these respective activity areas.”

More on Christ Church Grammar School’s extra-curricular activities for Senior School boys can be found here.