Published on: 30 August 2018

Over 1100 boys from the Senior School competed at last week’s House Athletics Carnival held at the WA Athletics Stadium. The carnival saw Craigie House retain the Akos Kovac Shield for the third year running with 2063.3 points.

Final House points were as follows:

2nd place – Jupp House with 1907.3 points
3rd place – Queenslea House with 1880 points
4th place – Romsey House with 1845.5 points
5th place – Hill House with 1795 points
6th place – Noake House with 1719 points
7th place – Moyes House with 1653.8 points
8th place – Wolsey House with 1651 points

“Well done to the boys of Craigie House on three consecutive carnival wins since 2016,” says Director of Sport, Mr Anthony Lynch.

“Great weather, team spirit and plenty of competition made for a perfect carnival.”

“As we near the PSA Quads and Inters competitions in Weeks 7 and 8 of this term, the House Athletics Carnival serves as perfect preparation for our top track and field athletes.”

Other worthy mentions from this year’s House Athletics Carnival:

  • Winner of Open 100m (Staff Cup) | Riki Wylie (Year 12) from Noake House – 11.47 seconds
  • Winner of Open 200m (R.G. Lynn Cup) | Riki Wylie (Year 12) from Noake House – 23.39 seconds
  • Open High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Hurdles (T.M. Thompson Cup) | Aidan Mangano (Year 12) from Queenslea House – 1st in Long Jump, 1st in High Jump, 1st in Triple Jump and 3rd in 110m Hurdles
  • Distance Champion Open 800, 1500 and 3000 (E.B. Kirby Cup) | Timothy Bourke (Year 12) from Moyes House – 1st in 800m, 1st in 1500m and 2nd in 3000m
  • Throws Champion Open Shot Put and Discus (Shirley Family Cup) | William Buitendag (Year 12) from Noake House – 2nd in Shot Put and 4th in Discus
  • Age Group Champions – click here to view the full list


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