Published on: 15 March 2018

Our Senior PMC boys launched their ‘Dirt Away Car Wash’ service this term as part of their enterprise project, proving to be an instant success.

Following initial discussions and brainstorming, the boys decided that establishing a car wash would be a great and profitable business idea. Steps involved in setting up the new business venture included assessing the market’s needs, determining a budget, estimation of running costs, revenue forecasts, and importantly, determining a desired profit amount.

“Courtesy of Mr Pasquarelli in our Maintenance Department, the boys received a trial lesson on how to wash a car and use the pressure washer,” says Acting Co-ordinator of the Peter Moyes Centre, Daniela Chacon.

“Mr Neil Walker, Head of Humanities was our very first customer, having seen one of the posters the boys had created and displayed around campus.”

“It has been amazing to see how hard the boys have worked on this project since going into operation, washing two cars next to the Maintenance Department every Tuesday during Periods 3 and 4. They have thought about every single detail and the thinking involved in the development of this project has been incredible.”

Every Tuesday after completing all jobs, the boys sit down and hold an after-action review, reflecting on what went well and what needs improving and how to implement this change by the following week.  

“Even though I initially guided them to follow this idea, the project has been completely driven by them, which is what makes this such a powerful experience.”

“They are independently getting organised, solving problems, being creative, being responsible, whilst developing their numeracy and literacy skills. We are very proud of the professional way the boys are taking their new responsibility.”