Published on: 30 August 2018

Year 10 Debating students Jason Lu, Kartikeya Kaushal and Lucas Kailis represented Christ Church at the recent Western Australian Debating League (WADL) Semi-Finals, debating the topic, That news companies should never give a platform to people with extreme views.

The Semi-Final Draw hosted at Shenton College involved Debating students from Butler College, Methodist Ladies’ College, Iona Presentation College, Perth Modern School, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and Sacred Heart College.

“The three main arguments we put forward were that; the expression of extreme views is necessary for the progression of today’s society, it is a basic human right to be able to express views publicly, and that to not provide a public platform for people with extreme views leads to more dangerous and disenfranchised behaviour,” said Kartikeya.

“Our boys did us proud by putting forward a strong argument and rebuttal throughout the debate. The affirmative side from Southern River however claimed victory and now progress to the Grand Final,” says Teacher Librarian, Miss Rebecca Cain.

“The boys were dedicated in their preparation leading up to the debate, using their lunchtime sessions as well as their own time to craft their arguments. As this marks the end of our WADL season for 2018, we congratulate all boys who have participated and thank old boys Myles McQuillan and Jia-Wei Loh for their mentorship.”

The Western Australian Debating League is the largest high school debating competition in Western Australia, offering students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking, research and public speaking skills.