Published on: 13 September 2018

Courtesy of the School’s Beyond Queenslea Drive program, Year 10 boys have the amazing opportunity each year to immerse in school environments around the globe including countries like China and France, and the USA.

The exchange program provided students Ethan Tan and Joshua Fry with unique cultural experiences and an eight-week immersion at South Africa’s Michaelhouse Boarding School during Term 2.

“When arriving to Pietermaritzburg and driving to Michaelhouse, all I could do was stare at the beautiful hillside. The day allowed my exchange partner and I to walk around the massive school campus and take in the views. We also met our soon-to-be friends and boarding house mates,” says Ethan as he reflects on his experience.

“With rugby being the most popular sport over there during winter, and all their sports fields being on the school’s grounds, the chanting of thunderous war cries could be heard throughout the entire school.”

“Going into the school was difficult at first, especially trying to fit into an unfamiliar school system, but weeks later I felt like a proper student among the boys, who helped me along the way and even treated me like one of their own.”

“During their semester exams, I was lucky enough to enjoy an early morning hot air balloon ride with other exchange students. We witnessed the sunrise and rolling green hillside, large farms and packs of animals.”

Exchange buddy Joshua Fry commented, “While life in South Africa is very different to life in Australia, plus the fact that the school was full boarding, the experience was incredibly fun and gave me a taste of life in a country with an incredibly diverse but troubled culture.”

“For example, we were taken on trips to disadvantaged communities where we taught and played with young children who, despite their hardship, were full of joy.”

“Michaelhouse offered me a highly enjoyable experience that built my independence and opened my eyes to life in other countries.”

“I truly enjoyed the opportunity and would recommend any student going into Year 10 next year to partake in this amazing experience,” says Ethan.

As part of the exchange program, both Ethan and Joshua look forward to welcoming a Michaelhouse student to Christ Church in Term 4.

If you would like to know more about the Beyond Queenslea Drive program at Christ Church, click here or contact Mr Neil Saggers.