Published on: 15 March 2018

Thirteen new School and House Prefects were announced and inducted at our Senior School Assembly last week, joining the existing student leadership team.

The new prefects were formally presented with their badges and ties before making a pledge to fellow students and teachers that they would work for the greater good of the School and broader community. As part of the induction process, the prefects were invited to sign the ‘School Prefects’ book which was created back in 2015. Prefects at Christ Church are appointed by their peers and staff.

“You will all be expected to take the lead one day and make a positive difference by serving your community. Leaders are not born but are made and shaped by their surroundings,” said Principal Alan Jones during the induction.


As a prefect, each boy is expected to serve as an ambassador when representing the School and support with various routine tasks and special functions.

Our 13 new prefects are:

Lachlan Conway (House Prefect)
Alexander Honey (House Prefect)
Christopher Ellis (School Prefect)

Harrison Kay (House Prefect)
Akio Ho (School Prefect)
Lawson Wooles (School Prefect)

Jonny Morris (House Prefect)

Cameron Terry (House Prefect)
Toby Johnson (School Prefect)

Alexander Yu (House Prefect)
Nicholas Edwards (School Prefect)

Lachlan Roberts (House Prefect)
Charles Lamb (House Prefect)