Published on: 1 March 2018

Our Year 8s visited Perth’s law courts this week as part of their study of Law in Humanities and The Francis Burt Law Education Program, entailing a full court hearing and participation in various legal education activities.

The program, offered by The Law Society of Western Australia, seeks to advance the Western Australian community’s understanding of the law, legal principles and the court system.

“Our participants took part in a mock trial that helped them better understand the court process, before experiencing the real thing when they watched part of a murder trial at the Supreme Court,” said Assistant Head of Humanities, Mr Richard Spence.

“All the boys came away with a far better understanding of what happens in a court of law, and many were lucky enough to see barristers in full flight cross-examining a witness; all in all, a memorable and valuable excursion.”

Each year, The Francis Burt Law Education Program welcomes groups for visits to the Supreme Court, District Court and the Magistrates Court of Perth where groups can participate in legal education activities including scripted trial re-enactments.