Published on: 1 November 2018

As part of their Civics and Citizenship program, our Year 4 boys have been learning about local government and the facilities and services provided by the Town of Claremont.

A recent visit to the Council Chambers provided the boys with an opportunity to learn about the different services delivered to the community, such as maintenance of roads and parks, and particular insights on town planning.

Several students enjoyed the chance to role play a council meeting as elected members (including Mayor), debating the issue of whether Collingwood Football Club should be permitted to relocate to Perth and reside at the Claremont Football Club.

“There was plenty of animated debating on whether the large amount of money the council would make from this move, outweighed the sporting needs of the young, aspiring footballers who live in the Town of Claremont,” says Year 4 Teacher, Ms Tonia Ranford.

“The boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to voice their opinions through the democratic decision-making process and returned with a deepened understanding of the role local government plays in society.”

Christ Church Grammar School thanks the Town of Claremont for giving their time to present a very informative and engaging session.