Published on: 8 August 2018

It was all aboard for our Year 4s last week during a visit to Fremantle’s Shipwrecks Museum.

The visit included guided tours and an opportunity to explore a replica of the Duyfken, the first European ship ever known to map and record Australia’s coast, and learn about its significance to Australian history.

“While one group explored the Duyfken, another enjoyed a guided tour of the museum which features the hull of the sunken ship, The Batavia,” says Year 4 Teacher, Stephen O’Driscoll.

“Year 4 participant Benji Landau was blown away by the real cannons in the museum while fellow student Alistair Bartlett wished he could set sail on the Duyfken!”

“The Year 4s are currently studying European explorers and the British settlement, so the visit was an excellent introduction to both topics and a great way to immerse the boys in Australia’s colonial history.”

“Today, the Duyfken replica sailing ship serves as a wonderful external classroom by offering an educational program that aligns with the HASS section of the WA Curriculum, and in particular, the Year 4 curriculum.”