Published on: 18 October 2018

The School’s Outdoor Education program at Kooringal soon concludes for another year with several Year 6 camps having taken place over recent weeks.

Class 6TS is among four Year 6 classes to have enjoyed three days of immersion in Kooringal’s natural surrounds and a multitude of activities including Noongar Mia Mia building, rafting introduction, nature studies, an overnight camp out and cooking.

Mrs T’Ann Steel, 6TS Teacher commented, “Kooringal offered a fantastic opportunity to see the boys in a different light. They demonstrated qualities of resilience, persistence, co-operation and a great work ethic beyond the classroom.”

“We camped out in tents on the very first night and all boys prepared their own meal using a tangier. This followed with a Dreamtime Story around a campfire, making it a very special experience.”

“For the 6TS boys, rafting was a key highlight where they learnt paddling skills and played British bulldogs with the rafts. The best part was going down the rapids!”

“Throughout the experience boys have demonstrated a great depth of understanding towards the natural world and their place within it, further enhancing their understanding of the way humans impact the natural environment. Imbedded is a nature play aspect where boys are given the opportunity to explore and interact with each other and the natural world in a safe manner,” says Director of Kooringal Outdoor Education Centre, Ryan Myles.

“All Year 6 groups have been privileged to lovely spring weather and Jarrah forests in full bloom.”

Year 10 Venture, the pinnacle of Christ Church’s Outdoor Education journey, departs in Week 6. As an extension of the Kooringal experience, Venture provides students with an 11-day expedition in the bushland and coastal settings of Walpole-Nornalup National Park and unique opportunities to consider environmental issues such as risk management in wilderness areas, campsite etiquette and behaviour essential to the protection of the delicate ecosystem in the south west of Western Australia.