Published on: 28 June 2018

A group of our Year 8  boys were in the Preparatory School this week, sharing stories with Year 1 boys in Mandarin.

Having learnt how to read and type Chinese characters this year through the topic of animals, the Year 8 students constructed stories on their iPads using simple sentences and photos of either their family pet or other animal.

“They really engaged the boys well and the Year 1 Chinese class were enthusiastic and exuberant throughout the session,” says Senior School Chinese Teacher, Phillipa Nock.

“The Year 8 boys helped edit each other’s stories and practiced in small groups prior to the visit. They had plenty of fun selecting the animals ranging from tigers, sharks, blob fish, snails, pigs and dogs. They had given it considerable thought, determining what younger boys might like, for example, fierce or cute animals.”

“The creativity and touches of humour in the books were excellent and the boys really strived to ensure their Mandarin was correct.”

“We believe it is important for the Year 1 boys to see where they might be in a few years’ time and appreciate Preparatory School Chinese Teacher Li Liu for letting us present to her class.”

The stories continue with two more Chinese classes visiting the Preparatory School early next term.