Published on: 14 October 2021

2021 marks 50 years since the creation of Kooringal, the School’s Outdoor Education campus near Dwellingup. Since its inception Kooringal has hosted thousands of Christ Church boys, becoming the backdrop against which they develop character and skills through the promotion of self-reliance, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, healthy risk-taking, communal living and environmental care.

In celebration of the half-century milestone Ryan Myles, Director of Kooringal Outdoor Edcucation Centre spoke with the boys at the Senior School Assembly today. A video that displayed historic photos of Kooringal was played during the Assembly. The video can be seen here.

In commemoration of the 50 year anniversary of Kooringal, the facility – and its Outdoor Education programs – refreshed their exisiting logo (as seen here on Ryan Myles, Director of Kooringal Outdoor Education Centre.)

The new design features the symbol of the Red Tail Black Cockatoo, which represents the dominant resident bird life at Kooringal, and its feathers have been found over the last 10 years in and around Kooringal, symbolising a true connection to country. They roost at Kooringal and have their young there, and the birds return through the years just like our boys do.